The first cemetery of house robots in the world opened in Phystechpark 03.11.2017    09:12 / Interesting information

The opening ceremony of the first "cemetery" of home robots in the Moscow High Technology Park was held.

The robot, known as Alantim, who is acting as Deputy Director of the Robotics Technology Department of the Moscow Institute of Technology, said: "I'm delighted that robots are now taking a lot of people's lives. They help people and are always ready to serve. But robots are not eternal, reports. Today, at "Fiztexpark", I declare the first "cemetery" of home robots in the world with my friends. Here I go to bed with my "brother" who has been killed by harsh blows a few weeks ago.

Together with Alantim, who has recently been killed, we will "bury" our two combat robots, which came back two months ago in China, the "FMB World Cup" robots fighting championship. They cannot be restored because of serious injury. We want to say goodbye to our "warriors", "said Andrey Ignatov, marketing director of the Moscow Institute of Technology and producer of" Robots war ".

It was stated that residents and visitors of Fiztexpark can now bring their electronic devices to the cemetery of robots, which have expired their useful life. All electronics will be sent to the "cemetery". This means that electronic assistants will serve people again by getting a second life.

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