The representative of the Silicon Valley made a presentation at the Institute of Information Technology 15.02.2017    05:13 / Conferences, assemblies

The Institute of Information Technology of ANAS held the next seminar. The event was attended by representatives of the Millennium Project implemented Silicon Valley (USA, California), and the chairman of the structure "Santa Clara Valley Chapter of ASM International Society" Brock Hinzman, chairman of Futuristic Reality and Future Business Network of Silicon Valley Eileen McGinnis, the chairman of the Azerbaijan Futurologists’ Society Reyhan Huseynova and deputy chairman of the society Eldar Museyibzade, as well as scientists and experts from the institute.

Opening the seminar, Deputy Director of the Institute of Technology, PhD in Technology, Associate Professor Rashid Alakbarov informed about the issues on the agenda. He noted that the purpose of the event - investing in the use of new information technologies in Silicon Valley, including a wide-ranging exchange of views on drones, satellites and big data.

Then R. Huseynova spoke about the relations of cooperation with the Institute of Information Technology, and noted that this structure is constantly providing scientific support to the Futurologists’ Society. It was reported that the main purpose of the creation of such a society is to define the future research directions and goals of modern and contiguity to the processes taking place in the world in this field. Stressing that the Futurologists’ Society is the Azerbaijani section of the Millennium Project, the reporter added that the project has representation in 62 countries.

Introducing the report on "Application of information technology in agriculture," B.Hinzman informed on ongoing projects in the Silicon Valley in the area of artificial intelligence, robots, and other Internet of Things.

Speaking about some predictions for the future, the reporter noted that until 2050, 70 percent of the US population will live in large cities, will increase the average age of farmers operating in the field of agriculture. According to him, in the future in countries where there is intense population growth, climate change will reduce the harvest. The main objective is investing in agriculture, reducing food waste and increase the harvest by the efficient use of modern technologies in the world. He also announced a number of forecasts in connection with the application of biotechnology in agriculture and the use of "smart" seeds.

Speaking at the conclusion Academician-Secretary of ANAS, director of the institute, Academician Rasim Alguliyev noted that issues discussed at the seminar are extremely relevant for our country.

Expressing his gratitude to the Chairman of the Azerbaijan Futurologists’ Society R.Huseynova for their help in organizing the event, the scientist said that this structure for 10 years of its activity in the country played an important role in the formation of scientific and futuristic look.

R.Alguliyev, stressing the need for further expansion of the Society's activities in the country, noted that the leadership of ANAS is always ready to provide scientific support to this sector.

The report aroused great interest, and Brock Hinzman responded numerous questions of the participants.

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