Institute of Information Technology held a meeting with the French writer Gerard Cardon 26.01.2017    09:00 / Meetings

Institute of Information Technology of ANAS held a meeting with the French writer, the president of the International Association of the Rhine Gerard Cardon.  Academic Secretary of ANAS, Director of the Institute of Information Technology, Academician Rasim Alguliyev , head of the Public Relations Department Rasim Mahmudov  and women staff of the institute attended to  the meeting.

Speaking about the purpose of the visit, Gerard Kardon said that  he wishes to get familiar with the culture and traditions of Azerbaijan, write book about the place and role of women in society, their activities in various professional fields.

This visit would contribute dissemination of profound information about the country  in entire world community, along France, R. Alguliyev  mentioned .

Modern Azerbaijani  women pay great attention to  family values, customs and traditions, also, play great role in social and political life of country, scholar noted.

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