Missouri Plans to Build Solar Panels into Road 12.01.2017    12:00 / Interesting information

According to the developers of the company "Solar Roadways", roads with solar panels will  produce enough energy to supply homes and businesses with electricity . 

According to Открытые системы”, in a startup Solar Roadways have developed solar panels for the paving of roads that can make our world are like the virtual reality of the movie "Tron": a road surface can not only produce energy, but also to heat and illuminate the road.

It is assumed that by using the glow can be programmed to create road markings. And the energy of the road will be able to recharge electric vehicles. According to the developers, the roads with solar panels will have to produce enough energy to supply  homes and businesses with electricity. Despite the  utopian idea, Solar Roadways was able to enlist the support of the government - passed three stages of testing under the auspices of the Ministry of Transport, and in 2014 the company collected more than $ 2 million on Indiegogo site.

The project is also interested in the transport department of the Missouri: the panel under the pilot program will be installed on the roadside in front of one of the stops on Highway 66. Missouri Administration carries out the initiative Road to Tomorrow, whose mission - to find new sources of revenue for the state of the transport system. If due to innovations in the parking lot will be able to really save energy and get rid of the freezing snow, the introduction of energy pavement will be extended.

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