Lynx Robot is Alexa's best disguise at CES 2017 09.01.2017    14:00 / Technological innovations

Alexa gained a human form while visiting CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The Lynx Robot gives Amazon's assistant a face, a body, arms and legs. Now, you won't have to find your Amazon Echo to give a command to Alexa. Alexa can come find you. Then, Alexa can teach you yoga.

The humanoid Lynx from Ubtech Robotics makes full use of its integration with Amazon. You'll be able to play music, plan your day and control your smart home just by speaking to Lynx. Beyond what Alexa can normally do, Lynx also recognizes your face and can change its responses accordingly.

You'll also be able to ask Lynx to read you your emails, and you can dictate responses through Lynx. You'll also be able to use the cameras in Lynx to check on your home when you're away.

Lynx is on display at CES 2017. We got to see the cute little guy doing a dance and striking various poses. Lynx will show you how to do various exercises and thus help you with yoga, but though its flexible and quite capable of shuffling, I was disappointed to found out it's not great at moving forward or backward. I'd thought Alexa would be able to follow you around or find you, but Lynx scoots forward too slowly to be useful.

Lynx should cost between $800 to a $1,000 when it comes out later this year. That's a lot given that an Echo on its own is $180 and Lynx doesn't offer significantly more mobility. Still, seeing Alexa personified was cool, and Lynx has its share of charm.

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