Cooperation prospects between Institute of Information Technology and Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities are discussed 07.10.2016    09:20 / Meetings

Meeting was held with the participation of Executive Director of Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities-Meir Zado and a professor of the Immunology faculty of Institute of Wiseman- Ruth Arnon and a group of representatives at the Institute of Information Technology. The goal was to get acquainted with the activities of the institute and discuss the prospects of cooperation between the two institutions.

Academician-secretary of the Institute of Information Technology of ANAS, director of the Institute, academician Rasim Aliguliyev gave information about the various challenges of the information society in the information technology and research, training of highly qualified personnel in the field of IT, the work done for the development of scientific cooperation.

Academician gave information about the AzScienceNet network of Institute. AzScienceNet Internet services showed a high level in scientific institutions and organizations of Academy, the operator of the national research and education networks play an important role in Azerbaijan's integration into the world science, he said. In addition AzScienceNet is a member of GEANT Association network service which serves all the scientific and educational institutions in Europe, he noted. He said that Azerbaijan get 1 Gbit / sec speed access to the pan-European research and education network since 2016 over AzScienceNet service network of the Institute of Information Technologies.

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