Nano tech 2018 - international exhibition and conference of nanotechnologies 27.11.2017    14:41

An international exhibition and conference on Nanotechnology will be held in Tokyo on February 14-16, 2018.

The exhibition has been held since 2002 annually together with other thematic exhibitions Nano Bio Expo, neo functional material, ASTEC and is very popular both among Japanese and foreign visitors and exhibitors,  reports. In 2016, it was visited by more than 48,514 professionals from 14 different countries, 586 companies from 23 countries took part in the exhibition.

In 2017, 476 participants from 23 countries of the world met with 53,106 visitors. 

At Nano Tech 2018 electronics, information technology, communications, medical equipment, space technology, laboratory equipment and so on. will be exhibited.  Also, The results of scientific research on relevant fields will also be discussed.

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AzTV, "Science and Innovation", ( 53 rd series)
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