AI algorithms will be used to diagnose diseases in the UK 05.01.2018    10:00 / Interesting information

The first algorithms of artificial intelligence, designed to help doctors diagnose heart and lung diseases, will begin to work in public clinics in the UK in the summer of 2018. Each patient can use AI services for free.

Health experts are confident that the use of AI for disease diagnostics will not only help save up to a billion pounds per year, but it will also speed the process of diagnosing diseases - the algorithms will work with pictures quickly and without days off, while the medical staff gets tired and at the same time decreases its performance.

Systems based on AI, capable of detecting lung cancer and diagnosing cardiovascular diseases, were developed by engineers from the John Redcliffe Hospital. In addition to identifying signs of a heart attack and lung cancer, the Ultromics algorithm draws attention to other smallest details from the images, so it will certainly help with the detection of other diseases.

Developers will provide their algorithm free of charge to medical institutions, because there are frequent mistakes in the diagnosis among doctors. According to the BBC, of the 60,000 images that are taken annually in an average hospital, 12,000 lead to false diagnoses.

Now the software is being tested, and although the test results have not been published yet, doctors report that the AI copes with diagnosing images much better than people.


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